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An incredible venue with a new weekend jam packed full of events.

There is something for everyone at the Burghley Multisport weekend. The weekend timetable is designed so that you can specialise in your chosen activity or fill your weekend with as much sporting action as possible. Each event is individually the best it can be but we're bringing them together for an amazing collective experience.

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Racing through the heart of one of the countries finest country houses and estates.

Burghley Multisport Weekend is about welcoming athletes of all abilities to enjoy being active, racing, participating and experiencing new adventures.

It's a huge privilege to host the multisport weekend at Burghley House. We've been granted incredible access to the estate including the very first swim event and a stunning run route exploring the vast estate and its many treasured locations. Burghley has stood on the outskirts of Stamford since 1587 and is considered Englands finest Elizabethan house.

1587 is hard to contemplate but for historical reference, the Spanish armada was defeated in 1588! It's a beautiful, historic and very special place which is very generous open for us to enjoy.

Burghley plays host to a wide variety of events throughout the year but this is the very first swim or triathlon event as well as the first run of this kind within the estate. 

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