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Booking Available Early 2024

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10-12/05/2024 Burghley house - Stamford

Learning and improving at the heart of the event!

Throughout the weekend we will offer a range of coached sessions and workshops. 

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Training Plans

FREE adaptive training plan courtesy of 100% tri

Free - 8 week training plans available for all distances.

Free to download 

Custom - training plans provided by our coaching partners designed for you no matter where you are and where you want to be. Contact them directly via their WEBSITE for a full pricing structure and availability. 

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Transition tours

Free for all athletes, first come first served. These drop in sessions are designed to give athletes all the knowledge required to have a smooth transition during their triathlon. For those wanting to understand the site layout or new athlete who want to understand the flow of a transition. Drop in and ask questions. 

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Transition coaching

A detailed coached session with tactics, knowledge and transition success at the heart of the session. Your transition could be worth valuable minutes and is too often neglected by athletes. Let our team teach you all the tricks of the trade in this coached session.

Full details and bookings coming 2024

Endless Pool swim analysis

Hosted by inspire2tri - Multisport weekend special, get a full coaching analysis at inspire2tri's incredible facility based in Manton Rutland. Less than 10 miles from the venue its an ideal opportunity to swing in during the week prior and the multisport weekend and take away some incredibly helpful coaching and advice. 

Bookings available early 2024

Training workshop 07/01/24
Training workshop

Hosted by inspire2tri

A 3 hour workshop including presentations, group discussions and short exercises designed to help athletes successfully plan and prepare for the triathlon events at the Burghley Multisport Weekend.


09:00 - 12:00

First time or 'fairly new' triathletes targeting the Sprint or Standard distances.


14:00 - 17:00

Athletes with some experience, targeting the Sprint or Standard distances.

Coaching sessions are delivered by our event partners - please carefully read the terms and conditions before booking. We cannot refund unwanted or unused sessions. 

Whats included in your coached session?

On site parking

Access to coaching staff 

Access to facilities including the lake and run course.

Pre session notes and briefing.

Take away learning, drills and exercises.

General info


You must register for your coached session in advance via the online booking system.


Start times

Start times might be subject to small changes but we will always ensure that your coached session is not moved to clash with your event.


Briefing notes will be sent to each athlete in advance including meeting points, what's involved and how the session will be conducted.


Parking fees are included in your entry fee. Please use the main visitor entrance. You must be on site in good time to avoid road closures effecting the site.

Where is the meeting point?

Your specific meeting point will be published two weeks before the event. We will include a detailed map on how to get to the coached session meeting point. 

How many people will be in my coached group?

A maximum of 12 people will be booked onto each session. per coach. 

Can I book 1:1 sessions?

There is some availability but it does come at premium due to less numbers. It is up to individual coaches to organise individual 1:1 sessions. Contact here should you have specific requirements to learn about availability and rates. 

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